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Have you ever dreamed about taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride, taking off into the beautiful Florida Sky, carried by a huge, colorful Balloon?

Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride is an unforgettable experience and memories you will cherish for a life-time.

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Who We Are

Sunrise Balloon Flights has been operating in Florida since 2002, with a perfect safety record. 

We are a full service Hot Air Balloon Ride Operator. SBF offers Private Charters and Shared Gondola Flights at Sunrise, seven days a week, weather permitting.

At your request we will customize any package to fulfill your dreams including Engagements and Weddings.

Our balloons will carry two to four passengers and our larger balloons will carry six to ten passengers. At SBF, we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment. Our new gondolas are engineered for passenger safety and comfort. Our two to four passenger gondola also has a seat for additional comfort while our six to ten passenger gondola is partitioned with padded sidewalls for your protection.

We have also designed, into our larger basket, an additional partition so that couples and families upon request may have their own private compartment. We are the only company in the area to offer couples their own compartment on a shared gondola flight.

Our flight paths are directed by the wind direction for the day. Sometimes we fly around the edges of Walt Disney World and other flights may take us over Orange Groves or even the Green Swamp. When the Orange Blossoms are in bloom the sweet aroma is intoxicating.

The views of Mother Earth from a hot air balloon are truly breathtaking. Each flight is a unique journey, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is what some of our customers have to say...

The night before your balloon ride, you can check the tweets on this page to make sure the weather is feasible for an enjoyable flight.

Thanks for visiting and remember,

"Your adventure is only a sunrise away"

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"We had seen a bunch of Hot Air Balloons several years back at a Hot Air Balloon Festival and it had looked just magnificent. We had dreamed about flying through the Sky in a Hot Air Balloon our selves since and we are so glad we found you. You made our visit unforgettable. Thank you to everyone: Pilot, Van Driver and Chase Crew. You are a class-act."


"Taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride was one of the Things on my 'Bucket List'. I was a bit nervous at first, because I had never done it, but when I was able to talk to Pat, one of the Pilots on the phone when making my reservation, I felt a lot better. The experience itself was just amazing. It's something I'll always remember and I thank you so much" :-) Helen

"Wow, a Hot Air Balloon Ride was something that I had wanted to do with my family since I was a kid. We put it off for way too long but, once we finally took our first Hot Air Balloon Ride we were just totally in awe. Thank you guys so much - you are true professionals and we will see you again soon." - Josef

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